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Accessories for PLAYmake

For our PLAYmake 4in1 workshop we offer a wide range of accessories.

This makes creating your own projects easy and fun.

From crafting a hand-made wooden pen or big dinosaur models, there is no limit for creativity.

Accessories for PLAYmake

Solar models construction kit


Material-Literatur EDU-rel Unimat1 Unimat1 Basic Unimat1 Elementary Zubehör Unimat ML D&T PLAYmake PLAYmake Kindergarten PLAYmake 4in1

Solarkit with solar panel and an electric motor.

Enables the user to create great technical models. Includes detailed plans for construction ideas.


1x solar panel

1x electric motor

1x fixation for electric motor

2x screws

1x construction plans

2x wooden dowels lime wood 20mm

2x wooden dowels lime wood 30mm

4x A4 poplar plywood sheets

1x fan for electric motor