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Accessories for PLAYmake

For our PLAYmake 4in1 workshop we offer a wide range of accessories.

This makes creating your own projects easy and fun.

From crafting a hand-made wooden pen or big dinosaur models, there is no limit for creativity.

All our accessories can also be ordered in our online store:

For ordering our products in the US. and Canada you can find our official partners here: PLAYmake US./Canada

Accessories for PLAYmake

PLAYmake Penmaker starter set


PLAYmake Penmaker Starterkit: Let your creativity run wild and create your own great wooden pens. Design and craft your own wooden pens with our Penmaker set. With this making your own great wooden presents becomes childs play. The kit includes a mandrel for the fixation of the wooden parts of the pen and parts to build 2 pens. After fixing the wood inside of the lathe, they can be worked on easily and safe. This enables even small children to create great designs. Tip: With colors you can make the pen look even more special.

Includes: Starter kit with mandrel plus material and parts for 2 pens.

Instruction for assembly:
Assembly video wooden pen