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Accessories for PLAYmake

For our PLAYmake 4in1 workshop we offer a wide range of accessories.

This makes creating your own projects easy and fun.

From crafting a hand-made wooden pen or big dinosaur models, there is no limit for creativity.

All our accessories can also be ordered in our online store:

For ordering our products in the US. and Canada you can find our official partners here: PLAYmake US./Canada

Accessories for PLAYmake

Material pack wood sawing + turning


Newly developed wooden material pack for sawing + turning: Suitable for PLAYmake 4in1 workshop and UNIMAT 1 Basic.

  • 4x Poplar Plywood 210x300x4mm (~letter size)
  • 9x Lime/Basswood 30mm
  • 12x Lime/Basswood 20mm
  • 4x eyelet keychain
  • 2x Poplar Plywood 70x150x4mm
  • 1x sawing template 3mm
  • Model templates

Material kit for designing and crafting great models.




Wood turning on the UNIMAT 1 Basic
Easter bunny model - poplar plywood