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PLAYmake 4in1 Workshop

More information you can find in the PLAYmake manual

PLAYmake manual page 25


These are some tipps for the PLAYmake jig saw:

  • The new jig saw blade can not be fixed or slips out of the fixation? - Control if the old saw blade was properly removed and there is no dust or wood in the jig saw fixation PLAYmake manual page 40
  •  The jig saw blade can not be screwed in? Please control if the screw works properly. If necessary please change the metal ring and the screw  PLAYmake manual page 25+40
  • The motor is turning but the jig saw doesn´t move? Please control if the exzenter is connected properly with the jig saw - PLAYmake manual page 27

The following tipps will help you to use the jig saw properly:

  • The wood vibrates with the jig saw blade and therefore can not be sawed properly -> Always press the wood on the jig saw table while sawing, this prevents the wood from vibrating and provides a clean cut.

 PLAYmake manual page 29

  • The jig saw blade breaks while sawing circles or curves -> Press the wood in the direction of the arrow, marked on the jig saw table, while turning the wood around the jig saw blade. The jig saw blade, for safety reasons, can only cut in one direction, if too much pressure is pushed from the side it bends and can break.

  • The work piece stops spinning easily, but the motor continues turning ->
    • Please check if the drive center (this part fixes the work piece onto the machine) is driven into the wood correctly. Should the wood not be driven in properly it can spin while under pressure.
  • The work piece and the motor stop spinning.PLAYmake manual page 8+17
    • Please check if you are holding the gauge correctly -> Do not apply to much pressure on the gauge, this can prevent the wood from spinning. The blade is sparp enough to cut the wood with little pressure applied.
  • The work piece wobbles (does not spin in a perfect circle)
    • With the center finder (enclosed in the UNIMAT kits) you can find the exact center of the work piece, but wood is a natural product so small tolerances and imbalances are normal. For precise and smooth working we recommend to take of the top wood layer of the work piece (around 1-2 mm) before starting with the actual model making.


The PLAYmake 4in1 kit has a special designed machine bed, which enables it to be connected to commong big building plates - PLAYmake manual page 29

If you need more fixiaton you can use building blocks to further stabilize the PLAYmake.

Alternatively you can use the 4 screws which are included in the kit and use them to screw it onto a wooden base plate. PLAYmake manual page 6



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